October 20th

When it Rains

Hjels, February 18th, 2016, 3:08 pm
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- How much further can you fall, realising you've taken the one thing she had left of any value? Time.

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GroovyKinda, February 18th, 2016, 10:09 pm
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Aw, Shields... - ...don't sugar coat it. Give to Rai straight.
Damn. Poor Cat. Guess that bullet was the gift that will never stop giving. Giving pain, that is.
So now what? Is the monster going to come visiting? Will it try to kill Cat in a crowded hospital? If Rai and Cat are on opposite sides of the world, which one will it choose?
The obvious thing for Rai to do is pull an Ansgar and sacrifice himself for Cat's sake.
But I know you better than that, Hjels.
You've got something amazing up your sleeve, and I'm loving every agonizing minute of the ride.
Also, I like how Shields is above Rai in the first exchange, but comes down to his level to deliver the killing blow.

Guest, February 19th, 2016, 2:07 pm
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- Wow, Rai, you really did it by the numbers. Apparently you didn't miss a single opportunity to screw things up.

Your ability to depict expressions is reaching epic proportions, Hjels, I especially like the split-screen between Panel 3 and Panel 4, where Rai has a stunned moment of realization of the enormity of what he as done, only to discover that he was due even more condemnation than that.

I've been saying it a lot lately, but, Bravo! :)

melaredblu, February 23rd, 2016, 1:08 am
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- Shoot. I forgot you're too good of a writer to forget about inconvenient little details like permanent organ tissue damage. Darn you and your well-researched feels!
Rai, I swear if you don't fight for her sake on the 20th, I'm going to march right into this comic and kick your hide all the way to the moon and back with steel-toed boots!

Hjels, February 25th, 2016, 4:52 am
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- @GroovyKinda: What happens on the twentieth if you're in a public place, and not in an isolated spot in Iceland? Why, I've got a feeling you're about to find out, at the end of this very chapter. And it's going to be the most challenging thing I've ever drawn, I think.

Hjels, February 25th, 2016, 4:57 am
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- @Guest: I feel like I've been tightening the screws for the entire run of the comic. Slowly, and agonizingly. This is a turning point for all involved, for better or worse. Who are we kidding? Probably worse.

Hjels, February 25th, 2016, 5:01 am
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- @melaredblu: I have no problem what so ever in sacrificing alot of realism on the altar of story, but there are some things I'm not willing to sacrifice. Honestly, this is one of the main reason why the idea of outright killing Cat at this point was a short lived one. Having her needing to deal with the physical impairments a loved one inflicted on her, and him needing to live with what he's done, was too enticing to pass up.

It'll be a little while, but I can't wait to draw them face to face again.

hipopotamo (Guest), February 25th, 2016, 6:48 pm
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- You really excelled yourself Rai...
No trip to Iceland, I guess.

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